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fall in love with Listin Interface


User Account Control

Every user at listin avails an easy to use dashboard where you can have track of all your paid / free listings, shopping orders, uploaded products to sell and easy controls to share, pay online in clicks. It is fully secured and operated under full control of every user.


Amazingly responsive

Operational on all devices and web based platforms. Fully adaptive with all new generation internet based devices such as Ipads, Mobile Phones, laptops and computers.


Easy Online Shopping

Easy to shop online method where people can understand and get clear overview of statement and orders.


Real time stats

Gives you real view scores of your advertisement, post and products. You can overview based on regions, device type and much more. You can track your audiences and discover the market.


Community Interaction

Listin panel is developed for a direct communal interaction - just like direct messages (DM) you have heard off. This allows everyone to be connected and notified for instant messages and response.


Multi-regional Currency

Listin payment gateway gives you a ease of payment facilitation across the globe to pay in your default currency.