Our Standard Policy

Upon reading this and being at the site as a user or browser you are by default considered to be acknowledged and understood by our standard policy. In case you dont wish to agree you may close and leave the site immediately.

Age Limit

Be fair to your passport age please, 18 years old & above to access the site.

Content & Matter

Lets keep the environment clean with good and positive content on the site. Kindly avoid abusive language and sexual content or any sort of responses that could hurt the sentiment of any other user on the site. Please avoid junk ads and posts that are not permissible by law of the country.

Entry & Exit

User Accounts

User Accounts are credentials that enables to maintain a privacy of content, ability to post, edit and alter information as per their priority. Each credentials allotted to users are the sole responsibility of their own.

Emails & Passwords

Email IDs used for registration must be valid and authorize for its use for password reset or any sort of account recovery. Passwords can be reset via user dashboard at Listin but in process of recovery the relevant email address will be required.

Social Media Login

We are authorize and have obtained their respective API and approvals from facebook and google for linking into login connectivity. We do not assure or guarantee of your account status with them. As per your provided information the email IDs have been linked into accounts and profile with us at Listin.


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