Refunds & Returns

Please overview with the Consumer Rights responsibilities, returns and refunds policy.


Consumer Responsibilities

1. Understand product warranties, guarantees, origin, storage, expiry and the method of use prior to making a purchase

2. Request a receipt from the seller and ensure that the details on the receipt are correct. Receipts should be kept for your records

3. For products with an extended lifespan, ensure that you understand the details of the after-sales services and warranties.

Sellers Responsibilities

  • Avoid misleading advertising and provide consumers with accurate information about the goods and services
  • Policies regarding refunds, replacement, repair or rework for defective or damaged products and/or incomplete services should be clear
  • Goods and services should be presented with clear information in Arabic and any other language in addition to displaying prices in UAE currency (Dirham)
  • All consumers should be provided with a dated detailed receipt.
  • Sellers of used or repaired goods should label the product condition visibly and clearly
  • Offer products with valid guarantees and warrantees
  • Services providers have to guarantee service quality for a period of time. If services are not carried out with due care, the service must be provided again for free or refunded
  • Ensure that employees knowledge is compatible with the range of products and services offered

Listin’s Return, Refund and Exchange Policy

1. A proof of purchase(s), Invoice(s), purchase order(s), coupon(s), credit/debit note(s) or any authorized notifications provided to the customer in the name of Listin/ or its Vendor is required (a must) to facilitate and process refund(s), return(s) or any exchange(s). In case of loss, misplace or failure to present any such documents, you may send your query to assist you further.

2. Return(s), refund(s) & exchange(s) are acceptable only within 14 days from the date of purchase.

3. 100% Return(s), Exchange(s) & Refund(s) are applicable for:

  •  Order(s) that are placed with similar date of purchase and have not been delivered are applicable for instant return(s), refund(s) and exchange(s) too
  • Goods that are non wearable, non-touchable, or does not fall under non-refundable / personal hygiene criteria are subjected to refund, return or exchange in full value upon management’s approval. Thus Items should be presented back in the similar package or branded box as you received.

4. Goods that fall under “Personal Hygiene” or “Non-Refundable” criteria are such as Cosmetics, Undergarments, Socks, Inner wears, biological products (pads, diapers, cottons, tissues etc), skin care products (cream, lotion, deodorant, trimmers, shavers, epilators etc), alcoholic and non-alcoholic substances (perfumes, disinfectants, toiletries, chemicals, etc), food and beverages, consumable items and any disposable items (razors, cups, plates, spoons etc) won’t be accepted for any  return(s), refund(s) or exchange(s) unless the products sent to you are expired, out dated, or delivered with tempered or dirty packaging. Some leverages are acceptable if consulted with the vendor and accepted by our department. For any such query, you may contact our support team anytime.

5. Items purchased with Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Coupons, E-Cash, Listin Wallets, Gifts or vouchers are all applicable to process under refund, return and exchange policy.

6. Exchange(s) of the items are applicable when the size, color, quality, options of the product as specified during the purchase are not as delivered. You may swap on sizes, colors and quantity variation, also upgrade, downgrade or shift your purchase to another commodity at Listin, under exchange policy for it full value.

7. Some of the Electronics goods that are concealed with a barcode, plastic wraps, seal or stickers that comes along from the manufacturer or the supplier must not be opened, tampered, broken in order to qualify for the return(s).

8. Refunds for Items purchased via Bank, Cards or Wallets will revert back to the same originated payment funding source you have used to make the payment at Listin. You will be notified for any such correspondence, once the payment is released from our network to your payment source(s).

9. Kindly do not tear, scratch the barcode labeled in an item or dismantle any packaging contents. Remember items should be in a good condition and along with its original packing even for us to return it back to the vendor, supplier or manufacturer.

10. Please note that standard delivery, express delivery charges, installation charges becomes refundable respective to the purchase order based on the products and thereof. In likely event, if there are more than one sequence of return to and fro as per the users requirement a new shipping bill shall be issued or charged on new product or its facilitation respectively.

11. Your credit will reflect back within 2-8 official working days after the item is collected back with Listin or its Vendor. The time allotted may differ as per bank’s working hours and processing time. We will notify you for any hindrances or else you may contact our support anytime for any sort of urgency.

12. Refunds of Tax, VAT or any sort of government fees, convenience fee applied in your orders paid to Listin / Vendor, as stated in the Invoice or proof of purchase will be refunded in full. Assuming the payment mode, the time frame may lag up to 7 official working days.

13. Customers are welcome to notify us via email or at our support center for any claims or assistance required on refund, return and exchange.


For any further clarification, details or queries please email us at